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 ====== SME File Fabric v1906 Release Notes ====== ====== SME File Fabric v1906 Release Notes ======
-Released: ​24th July, 2019+Released: ​12th November, 2019
-Document last updated: ​22nd July, 2019+Document last updated: ​September 26th, 2019
 For new deployments see [[cloudappliance/​applinstallv1906|]]. For new deployments see [[cloudappliance/​applinstallv1906|]].
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    * [SME-3268] - In some cases image previews of files restored from trash are not displayed until a browser refresh has been performed.    * [SME-3268] - In some cases image previews of files restored from trash are not displayed until a browser refresh has been performed.
    * [SME-4344] - The configserver feature for updating the File Fabric (checking for, downloading and installing a new version) is deprecated and can not be used.    * [SME-4344] - The configserver feature for updating the File Fabric (checking for, downloading and installing a new version) is deprecated and can not be used.
-   * [SME-4834] - When your M-Stream Update "​number of threads"​ is configured to be below a browsers limit, more threads that entered may be used +   * [SME-4833] - An erroneous message may be shown when sharing a file and the recipients "​contact"​ file has been removed from the default storage
-   * [SME-4832] - Upon multiple failed attempts at the File Fabric exercising your "​Download from web" request, the File Fabric may produce an unexpected error depending on the storage being used.  +   * [SME-4923] - There are several issues with v2 and v4 signature compatibility in certain S3 compatible storage providers.
-   * [SME-4833] - An erroneous message may be shown when sharing a file and the recipients "​contact"​ file has been removed from the default storage+
 ===== Service Pack 1906.01 ===== ===== Service Pack 1906.01 =====
-Available ​in Alpha Release ChannelContact support ​for more information.+  * [SME-4878] - For larger data sets, a new flag is provided that can deliver faster search response delivery. 
 +  * [SME-4872] - In certain conditions, a Provider Sync (initial or resync) may stop if a folder could not be accessed. This has been resolved. 
 +  * [SME-4859] - The Resync performance for folders containing a large quantity of files has been improved. 
 +  * [SME-4852] - In certain conditions, the Package option called "​Folder Quotas"​ would not appear. This has been resolved. 
 +  * [SME-4845] - In certain conditions, the Huddle provider could not be resynced. 
 +  * [SME-4841] - Authenticated users may have seen the default header color when they failed authentication for a password protected drop-folder. This has been resolved. 
 +  * [SME-4840] - The user activation screen has been improved. 
 +  * [SME-4838] - The parsing of responses from Amazon S3 has been improved. 
 +  * [SME-4832] - In certain conditions, the Download from Web functionality could cause a system error to be generated when all download attempts failed. This has been resolved. 
 +  * [SME-4873] - In certain conditions, the Provider Sync report would incorrectly show no files indexed, where no sub folders existed. This has been resolved. 
 +  * [SME-4877] - The reporting of in-progress Syncs has been improved. 
 +  * [SME-4884] - In certain conditions, the subfolders ​for a directory with real-time enabled would not be shown on first loading. This has been resolved.
-  * [SME-4878] - Index supported search option for large data sets ("​Basic Search"​) 
-  * [SME-4872] - Provider Sync no longer stops when an error is encountered. 
-  * [SME-4859] - Real-time refresh performance improvements for large folders 
-  * [SME-4852] - Package option "​Folder Quotas"​ not appearing 
-  * [SME-4845] - Resync fix for Huddle 
-  * [SME-4841] - Header bar colour not observed on shared link with password 
-  * [SME-4840] - Additional help text for Registration Activation screen 
-  * [SME-4838] - XML Parser robustness for Amazon S3 
-  * [SME-4832] - Download from web causes error in certain circumstance 
-  * [SME-4873] - Sync reports 0 files affected when storage has files but no subfolders 
-  * [SME-4877] - Provider settings screen shows no sync running when it could be 
-  * [SME-4884] - Subfolders don't appear during real-time refresh (CIFS) 
 ===== Service Pack 1906.02 ===== ===== Service Pack 1906.02 =====
-Available ​in Alpha Release ChannelContact support ​for more information.+* [SME-4846] - The Download Archive button was incorrectly greyed out on Drop Folders. This has been corrected. 
 +* [SME-4834] - In certain conditions, the M-Stream upload via Web FM would use more upload streams than agreed. This has been resolved.  
 +* [SME-4848] - Provider types hidden by the Org Admin could remain visible to Org Members. This has been resolved.  
 +* [SME-4887] - For larger data-sets, prefetching of sub folders is now preventable by a configuration option.  
 +* [SME-4888] - Performance improvements have been made to the loading of the Audit logs. 
 +* [SME-4889] - Performance improvements have been made to the loading of the Shared Links Screen. 
 +* [SME-4892] - Folders containing trailing spaces can now be supported via a configuration option.  
 +* [SME-4895] - The upper task limit is now configurable,​ and task cancellations are now processed regardless of the number of current running tasks. (e.g. threadslimit = 100 in /​var/​www/​smestorage/​cron/​config.conf). 
 +* [SME-4854] - Redundant folders have been removed from the File Manager ("​Encrypted Files",​ "​Public Files" and "​Locked Files"​). 
 +* [SME-4848] - Providers that had been disabled and so shouldn'​t have been visible when adding a provider were visible to the org. admin. ​ This has been corrected. 
 +* [SME-4903] - If a re-sync of a provider was canceled and then reattempted after another provider had been sync'd in the interim, the status of the first provider'​s sync job was incorrect. ​ This has been resolved. 
 +* [SME-4894] - If a sync of a provider had been initiated and then canceled, the provider could not then be sync'd again. ​ This has been resolved.  
 +* [SME-4907] - Navigating to the root folder using the breadcrumbs in the File Manager caused an error which prevented ​ the contents of the directory from being displayed. ​ This has been resolved. 
 +* [SME-4932] - When a provider containing files encrypted by org. encryption was re-sync'​d,​ the size of the file was incorrectly recorded in the file's metadata. ​ This has been resolved. 
 +* [SME-4869] - Private providers were not being created ​for new users when automatic configuration of CIFS providers was enabled. ​ This has been corrected.
-* [SME-4846] - Drop folders now support zip downloads +===== Service Pack 1906.03 =====
-* [SME-4834] - M-Stream Upload - FM should not use more streams than the limit +
-* [SME-4848] - Non admin user could see providers that had been hidden by the Org admin +
-* [SME-4887] - Eliminate Prefetching in UI of subfolder counts results in slow SQL query +
-* [SME-4888] - Improvement in performance when reading audit logs +
-* [SME-4889] - Improvement in performance loading "​legacy"​ links +
-* [SME-4892] - Support for CIFS folders with trailing spaces +
-* [SME-4895] - Can now cancel tasks that are pending. New option to set maximum count of running processes (e.g. threadslimit ​100 in /​var/​www/​smestorage/​cron/​config.conf) +
-* [SME-4854] - Encrypted Files - Remove sections +
-* [SME-4900] - Security issue fixes - Mobile only version +
-* [SME-4894] - ReSync after cancel can not be started+
 + * [SME-4919] - Database search no longer treats ". %, _ and other symbols as wildcards.
 + * [SME-4916] - Restarting an initial sync could result in incorrect final counts of files and folders. This has been fixed.
 + * [SME-4915] - Audit logs export did not use the filtered result selected  ​
 + * [SME-4914] - Broken link when prompting user to re-enter credentials ​  
 + * [SME-4912] - Possible chance of DB Error when Syncing folder with large quantity of files. ​  
 + * [SME-4910] - Removed double pass indexing of Folder with Solr on Sync + other sync optimizations  ​
 + * [SME-4904] - Database error caused by resync not marking the last time it took an action when rate limiting  ​
 + * [SME-4734] - Lock icon within File Manager doesn'​​t clear when a file is unlocked through a different application or browser
 + * [SME-4912] - Syncing large folder may fail (mysql batch insert query). This has been fixed.
 + * [SME-4916] - Restart of initial sync may count folders twice leading to incorrect total folder count.
 + * [SME-4923] - Fixed OpenS3 signature issues for MPU uploads and non-standard ports.
 + * [SME-4931] - Disabling some user file counts on admin screens (to improve performance)
 + * [SME-4929] - Files locked by Admin don't appear locked to the admin
 + * [SME-4839] - Registration selection of package didn't work when only one package available
 + * [SME-4932] - Resolves miscalculation of encrypted file sizes on resync
 + * [SME-4741] - CIFS lock file not cleared after editing via MS Office Online
 +===== Service Pack 1906.04 =====
 +  * [SME-4956] The number of concurrent Provider Synchronizations can now be configured. See the Appliance Administrator'​s Site Functionality page.
 +  * [SME-4954] The handling of operation timeouts on S3 buckets (for example, buckets with low prefix cardinality) has been improved.
 +  * [SME-4953] The Statistics page can now be enabled and disabled.
 +  * [SME-4946, SME-4960, SME-4973] The handling of database connections and tokens has been improved in certain circumstances.
 +  * [SME-4950] An incorrect variable was set in the Shared File Downloaded email template. This has been resolved.
 +  * [SME-4850] Improvements to ClamAV integration have been made.
 +  * [SME-4955] Clients utilising localhost to access the File Fabric will no longer be restricted by the license key FQDN or IP address checks.
 +  * [SME-4968, SME-4968, SME-4983, SME-4989] The detection of folder renames and other operations on ID-based providers (eg. Dropbox + Box) has been improved.
 +  * [SME-4982] The handling of rate-limiting controls has been improved.
 +  * [SME-4969] In limited conditions, previewing of MS Office documents could incorrectly cause repeated requests to MS Office Online. ​ This has been corrected.