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 Released: 24th Jan, 2019 Released: 24th Jan, 2019
-Document last updated: ​28th Feb, 2019+Document last updated: ​23rd May, 2019
 For new deployments see [[cloudappliance/​applinstallv1901|]]. For new deployments see [[cloudappliance/​applinstallv1901|]].
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 Released April 2019 Released April 2019
-  * [SME-4624] - Under certain conditions, a folder marked as Web View Only may apply tighter List Ony permissions to that directory.+  * [SME-4624] - Under certain conditions, a folder marked as Web View Only may apply tighter List Ony permissions to that directory. ​  
 +===== Service Pack 1901.05 ===== 
 +Released May 2019 
 +  * [SME-4481] - The wrong logo was displayed on the two factor authentication login screen for members of organizations for which branding had been set up.  The correct logo is now displayed. 
 +  * [SME-4627] - When the File Manager was used with Chrome on macOS to download several files one-by-one, the downloads halted when focus was shifted to another page.  Now the downloads continue. 
 +  * [SME-4623] - When using the File Manager on the Mac, the control-click keystroke combination deselected a previously selected file that was under the cursor when the keys were pressed. ​ Now the file remains selected. 
 +  * [SME-4665] - When adding Swift storage as appliance default storage, it was not possible to specify the Project ID, Domain ID and Region. ​ These can now be specified. 
 +  * [SME-4655] - It was not possible to choose the S3 signature version for OpenS3 providers when using them as appliance default storage. ​ The signature version can now be selected. 
 +  * [SME-4689] - Two conventions were supported for the File Fabric'​s internal representation of root folders. Under unusual circumstances this could prevent some folders from being visible to some users. ​ Upgrading to this version converts all root folders to the newer of the conventions,​ resolving the folder visibility issue. 
 +  * [SME-4558] - An erroneous "​session expired"​ message was sometimes displayed when an org. member tried to delete a file from a Drop Folder. ​ This has been corrected. 
 +  * [SME-4705] - Direct uploads to Amazon S3 could fail if the File Fabric'​s time zone was not set to UTC.  Using a time zone other than UTC will no longer cause direct uploads to fail.