Example OpenStack Compute Deployment

The SME Appliance can be deployed SME to OpenStack Compute. This is an example of a deployment to a public service provided by Cloud VPS

The SME EFSS appliance is provided in OVF format. To deploy the appliance in CloudVPS, you can upload the vmdk disk, which is also provided with the SME OVF appliance, to CloudVPS as an image.  
When uploading the image make sure you provide the following values

  • • Type:vmdk
  • • Cloud-Init Support : Image doesn’t support cloud-init
  • • Minimum Disk: 20 GB
  • • Minimum RAM: 2048 MB

Once you have uploaded the image you can launch a server by providing the following values:

  • • Architecture : X8664 * • Cloud-Init Support : Image doesn’t support cloud-init * • Add the following key value pair to met data * * o Key: hwdisk_bus
    • o Value: ide

At this point the image can be run.

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