Mobile Branding

SME's mobile applications can also be branded to preset appliance endpoints and include your organisations logos and colour themes. Due to the restrictions on these platforms, mobile branding is performed by SME.

If you are interested in having a branded version of our applications, you should contact your Account Manager.

This document covers what is required from the customer in order for SME to brand our mobile applications.

We will require the following information.


Application Name

This will be the name of the application, as it will appear in the App Store listing, and inside the application. In general, shorter names are better as names that are too long will be truncated. There is a maximum of 30 characters.

Application Description

Your application listing will have a description attached to it for users to see.


Please provide your Enterprise File Fabric endpoint URL. The SSL certificates must be configured correctly for the endpoint. You can verify SSL configuration at Qualys SSL website.

Support Email Address

An email address that end-users can send questions to.

Test account

When your application is submitted to the store, the review process will involve logging into your File Fabric appliance through the application. This account does not need to have access to your storage.



Please provide the highest resolution / quality logo that you have. Logos with transparent background are preferred as the logos are often superimposed on different backgrounds. If you have multiple logo styles, please also provide those.

Supported types: PNG, PSD, AI, SVG

Color Swatches

Please provide some swatches of colors that your organisation uses. These should complement your logos. Where possible these will be applied within your branded application.

Submission of Mobile Apps


Please register for a Google Play account. We will provide you the Android application as an apk file. You can submit it to Google Play for beta testing and distribution.

Apple iOS

We use Apple TestFlight for beta testing. Please provide email addresses of the persons who will be part of the beta.
We can submit the application to Apple app store on your behalf using our developer account. In case you want to use your iOS developer account, you will need to register and we will need access to your Apple iOS developer account.

Please take care when providing the information and assets that are required for branding the mobile apps. In the event that you revise the information or replace any of the assets after we have begun work on your tools we will charge you for the re-work at our normal Professional Services rates.