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 {{::​slack_-_storage_made_easy.png?​800|}} {{::​slack_-_storage_made_easy.png?​800|}}
-The first-time you use this command, you will see a message asking you to "​Authorize"​+Then press Return so that the command ​is submitted
-You should click on the Authorize link, and this will open browser window. Follow the steps to Authorize the access+Slack will respond with link titled **Share File**.
-{{:authorize.png?800|}}+The very first time you click on this link, you will first me asked to authorize ​the connection between SME and your Slack account. This is needed so that we can share files on your behalf when you request it
-When prompted, click the green "​Authorize"​ button. ​+You will observe a screen like the following. ​When prompted, click the green "​Authorize"​ button. ​
 {{::​auth.png?​400|}} {{::​auth.png?​400|}}
-Once successfully ​authorized, you should see a message in your browser like the following.  +Once authorized, you'll be asked to enter your File Fabric endpoint like following:
- +
-{{::​success.png?​600|}} +
- +
-Now, you should return to Slack and type **/ff** again.  +
- +
-This time, you will have the option to **Share File**. Click on this link, and you'll be taken through some steps to login into your File Fabric account.  +
- +
-First, you'll be asked to enter your File Fabric endpoint like following:+
 {{::​sign_in___sme_appliance.png?​600|}} {{::​sign_in___sme_appliance.png?​600|}}