Standalone Applications

Use object storage with existing applications. Our standalone Drives, Explorers and Mobile Apps work directly with object storage, allowing users to use familiar tools and applications.

Our native drives allow you to mount and interact with object storage as if it was a local disk. Browse and open remote files with any application. Use Windows File Explorer to drag and drop, move, rename and delete files and folders. Configurable cache for performance. Upload manager for non-blocking uploads. Support for large files and deep folder hierarchies. Drives can also be used in scripts and are accessible from the command prompt.

See Standalone Drives

The simple and intuitive interface provides a direct view of any object storage, allowing users to upload, download, view, move, rename and delete files.

See Standalone Explorers

Our Android apps for smart phones and tablets allow you to browse, interact and synchronize with object storage as if it were a file system. For iOS look at our Storage Made Easy File Fabric Apps for iOS.

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