Managing User & Storage Quotas

last updated on Nov. 10, 2022

The Access Anywhere appliance supports setting storage quotas, which helps to prevent over-use or unexpected consumption of your storage platforms. This guide covers the available options and how to enable them.

Note: The quotas / limits set through Access Anywhere will only be enforced when accessing the storage through Access Anywhere. If users have direct access to the storage, then the quotas will not be enforced. If detected Access Anywhere will not attempt any cleanup of the storage should its quota be exceeded.

Space used is checked at the beginning of the operation. If you are not yet at your limit then you will be able to complete the next upload. The following upload will be blocked.

Setting Personal Quota On Default Storage

From the Organization menu, select Users.

Below the list of users, you will observe a section titled Default Storage Quota Limit for Users

This option sets the default total amount of storage space that the users will have access to on the Organizations Default Storage.

Setting a value to 0 will permit the users to have unlimited space.

Overridding Personal Quota On Default Storage

If you wish to override the amount of storage an individual user is permitted to on their Default Storage (to increase or decrease), then this can be achieved by Editing a user from the Organization > Users screen.

A setting of 0 indicates that no limit is applied.

Setting a Provider Limit

The limit for a storage provider can be viewed and set via your Dashboard.

Observed above, you can see the Dashboard detailing the current usage, and the limit imposed.

To change the limit for the Provider, navigate into the Provider settings, and from the left hand side, under Tech. Info, click the Cog next to Limit.

Setting a Folder Limit

Folder Quotas are used to limit the amount of storage space a particular folder can have. The ability to set Folder Quotas must first be enabled through your Package options as the ApplAdmin user.

As the Org Admin, locate the folder that you wish to set the limit on, Right click and select Set Quota.

Before setting a quota on a folder, the current size of the folder is established.

Once this has been calculated, the quota can then be set.