Enterprise File Fabric Advisory - Azure Blob Storage

First published on August 27, 2020.

This advisory applies only to File Fabric customers who are using Azure blob storage with the File Fabric. If you are not using Azure Blob storage then you should disregard this advisory.

Please note that we expect to release the next File Fabric service pack, v1906.08, during the week of August 31. The resolution of the issue discussed in this advisory will also be included in that and all subsequent File Fabric versions.

We have discovered a defect in the File Fabric that could, under very specific conditions, cause files to be removed from Azure Blob storage. We have created a patch to resolve the issue. To remedy the issue your File Fabric must be running v1906.07-49 with the patch applied.

If you are already running v1906.07-49, please follow these directions to apply the patch to each of your File Fabric nodes:

ssh into the File Fabric and use “su -” to become root. Then:

cd /var/www/smestorage/patches/

wget https://download.storagemadeeasy.com/patches/patch_public_html_1906.07-SME-5464.tar.gz

chown smestorage:smestorage patch_public_html_1906.07-SME-5464.tar.gz

su - smestorage

cd patches/

./patch -patch patch_public_html_1906.07-SME-5464.tar.gz

Best practices for applying patches to the File Fabric are documented here:


If you are not yet running v1906.07-49, please follow the directions here to upgrade to v1906.07-49:


and then apply the patch by following the instructions above.

If you have any questions about this advisory or how to apply the patch, please contact us at: support@storagemadeeasy.com