Org. Account Deletion Advisory

Last edited on February 12, 2019.

We have identified a defect in several versions of the File Fabric that could lead to data being inadvertently deleted from its storage when an organisation is being removed from the File Fabric. Although this issue has not affected any customers, we are calling it to your attention as a precaution.

The problem occurs when an org. account is being deleted by the File Fabric administrator, and the “Delete private files when delete org member” option on appladmin’s Site Functionality page has been set to either “Delete private files on Org clouds” or “Delete private files on Org clouds and Shared folders by this user”. Under these circumstance the organisation’s files will be permanently deleted from their storage. File Fabric administrators should take care not to delete org. accounts if “Delete private files when delete org member” is set to either of those values.

This issue is resolved in v1901 of the File Fabric and will be resolved for v1808 in an upcoming service pack.

Note that the problem will not occur if “Delete private files when delete org member” is set to “Skip private files on Org clouds”, which is its default value.

If you have any questions about the File Fabric and account deletion please contact us at: