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 +====== Enterprise File Fabric Security Advisory ======
 +##### First published on June 26, 2020
 +===== Introduction =====
 +The Enterprise File Fabric™ uses open-source caching software to improve performance. We have become aware of a setting in the caching software that is provided as part of File Fabric versions 1906.06 and 1906.07 that could, dependent on specific deployment topologies, present a security risk. 
 +Although the chances of this occurring are small, we have created a minor update for the File Fabric to prevent it.  All customers running either of the affected versions should apply the update.
 +===== Applying the Update =====
 +This update will take around ten minutes. ​ Users should not use the system wile the update is being carried out.
 +To apply the update, ssh in to the File Fabric host and su to root.  Then execute each of these commands:
 +yum update sme-containers-redis
 +cd /​var/​www/​smestorage/​containers/​redis/​
 +docker-compose down --rmi all
 +docker-compose up -d
 +If you have a multi-node File Fabric installation,​ perform these steps on each node.
 +Please feel free to contact us at [[mailto:​support@storagemadeeasy.com|support@storagemadeeasy.com]] if you have any questions about this update.