Configuring File Fabric Apps for Appliance Use

Storage Made Easy produces a number of client-side applications allowing you to access your files via different platforms, like Mobile, Web and Desktop.

By default our client applications come pre-configured to work with, however if you are using our Enterprise Appliance either on-premise or through our IaaS service, the endpoint in these client applications will need to be changed so that it functions against your appliance.

There are two options to configure the endpoints:

  • Custom branded for the customer with pre-configured endpoints. Please contact us for more details on this option.
  • The normal Storage Made Easy clients that are provided with the Appliance and that can be downloaded from the relevant mobile App Stores can be used by changing the API endpoint. Please see further details below on how to achieve this.

This article steps through the second option, instructing you how to change the default endpoint on the client applications.

Mac OS X

Download the App from the Appliance or from the link given to you by SME. From System Preferences and select SME. At the bottom of the screen change the endpoint to match your appliance hostname or IP.


Install the tools either from the link provided and launch the SME Control panel once installed. From the Account tab change the endpoint to be