Deploying The Desktop Application Suite

Storage Made Easy provide a Desktop App Suite for the File Fabric that encompass Mac, Windows and Linux.

Each of the Operating Systems contain a suite of Apps that encompass similar functionality, such as the Cloud Drive and Cloud Synchronization Apps, but which may also contain Applications that are unique to a particular Operating System, because they take advantage of a particular Operating System feature, such as the menu bar Apps on Mac.

For Enterprise users, the intent of the suite of Apps is not necessarily for all of the Apps to be shared with end users. SME provides App Packagers which enable end company administrators to choose which Apps are bundled and which will therefore be installed with the desktop binary install.

It may sometimes be pertinent and cause less friction for IT if non sophisticated users are merely deployed with the Microsoft Office and Outlook plugins on Windows. Power users may also get access to the Sync features, etc.

The point is that we understand that not all companies, nor all company departments are the same. We provide enough Apps to enable a choice of what is best for your company or your department and provide the means with which to make this distribution easy, using the Application packagers.