1 Storage Made Easy BlackBerry Application

Storage Made Easy enables you to manage, share, and collaborate on data from many different information clouds which are displayed in a virtual view. How many clouds you can access depends on your plan with Storage Made Easy, but users can sign up as many times a they want to access single clouds for free.  

Storage Made Easy is packed with features and these included over the air access to files stored on multiple storage clouds, the ability to take notes that can be synchronised back to an underlying storage cloud you choose; The ability to share files over email, twitter, publicly; Collaborate with other users using business groups;   send files to your file cloud using our unique FileBox feature; access files that have been encrypted using the Storage Made Easy Cloud Gateway + many more features

You need a valid account with to use the BlackBerry Application. There are many free accounts so all you need to do is sign up. If you are not yet signed up then you need to register for a free account at

When you synchronise your files with the Storage Made Easy Cloud Gateway, your files don't move anywhere. All that occurs is that Storage Made Easy syncs the file information i.e. filename, filesize etc. This ensures the Storage Made Easy 'view' of your files is the same as the view you get from your Cloud Storage Provider when you access your account.

Once this is done you can use the Storage Made Easy services, including Storage Made Easy for BlackBerry, to manage your files, as well as uploading new files from the phone.

2 BlackBerry: File Location

Once Storage Made Easy has been installed you will find it in the Downloads folder from your BlackBerry menu and it is distinguishable by the SME icon.

3 BlackBerry: Login

The login screen is where you login to the Storage Made Easy Cloud Gateway service to enable you to access your Cloud Files. As outlined in the introduction to the manual you need to have first registered for a Storage Made Easy account and setup and mapped your cloud to the Gateway.

If you wish to auto-login every time you launch the App you can click the 'save' checkbox.

4 BlackBerry: Main Menu

The Main Menu is where you can access the various options that the Storage Made Easy Application has. We will have a look at each of the menu options so that you understand what each of them does.

5 BlackBerry: Files on Clouds

Choosing the 'Files on Clouds' option enables you to browse your Cloud Files direct from your phone. If you have more than one storage cloud mapped to your Storage Made Easy account then you can browser into each of these as Storage Made Easy presents a Virtual Cloud File System to you. This looks and feels just like a real file system but it can deal with many different clouds at the same time.

6 BlackBerry: Cloud Files Explorer Options

There are many things that you can do with the files once the file is highlighted. You can see all of these in the Graphic above. We will go into more detail on some of the below, but the options you will work with often are:

- View in browser: This displays the file that you wish to access from the cloud through the BlackBerry gateway and in the browser.
-Download: This download the files to your local files folder
-Download and View: This downloads the file to the local files folder and then launches any associated viewer or editor program so that you can view or edit the file.
-Rename:   This simply enables you to rename the file
-New Folder: This simply enables you to create a new cloud folder
-Delete: This delete the file to Trash. It does not get deleted from your Cloud Storage Provider until you empty the Trash from your account.
- Share with Group/User: This options enables you to share the file with any business groups or business group member that you may have setup. If you are not familiar with Business Groups please refer to our Wiki.
Make Favourite: This makes the file a favourite so you can easily get to it from the Favourites option in the Main Menu.
Make Public: This sets the file to be publicly available on the web. Please see our Wiki fro more details on public files
Add this dir to Sync: Choosing this options sets the current directory to be able to be synchronised to your phone from the “My Syncs' menu option. You can choose as many cloud file directories as you wish to be synchronised with your phone.

7 BlackBerry: Obtain a URL for a file

It is possible to get a link for a file that you can share with other users. Just select “Get TinyURL”   and a link for the file will be copied to the clipboard for use in other BlackBerry applications.

8 BlackBerry: Share files using Twitter

If you have setup your account to work with Twitter at then you will be able to share a file link to your Twitter account and also add a message.

9 BlackBerry: Share files over email

You can choose to share individual files over email directly from your phone by clicking on the file you wish to share and then choosing to “Send link via email”.

10 BlackBerry: Using the Cloud Clipboard

One of the options for file from the Cloud Files explorer is the ability to add the file to the Clipboard. This adds the file to the cloud clipboard and you can later see all the files you have added to the Cloud Clipboard by choosing the Clipboard menu option. Once there you can choose to share all the files you added to the clipboard. This will generate an email with the file links which you can send direct from your BlackBerry. It is a great way to share links for multiple files directly from your BlackBerry.

Also this works across all clouds so you can share file links from several clouds, if you wish to, from one email.

11 BlackBerry: Encrypted files

If a file is encrypted you will be asked to enter a key phrase that you have previously set before you can download the file.

12 BlackBerry: Local Files

Local files presents a local file manager that let you browse your media card and BlackBerry and this is where any files that you download from a storage cloud are stored.

13 BlackBerry: Favourites

You can add any cloud file or folder to be a favourite and then choosing the Favourites option from the menu enables you to quickly access these files.

14 BlackBerry: My Shared Files

Files that other users have shared with you from a Business Group can be seen from the 'My Shared files' menu option.

15 BlackBerry: Files I am sharing

Files you are sharing with other users from a Business Group can be seen from the 'Files I share' menu option

16 BlackBerry: Business Groups

You can create and manage business collaboration groups directly from the iPhone. Collaboration groups are groups you setup to share file content with members. You only need to share a file with the Group and all members get an email letting them know the filename that you shared with the group and that it is available for them to view. For more information on Business Collaboration Groups please see our Wiki.

17 BlackBerry: Cloud Providers

If your Storage Made Easy plan enables you to add multiple clouds to the gateway you can see which you have set to be your primary cloud from this menu. The Primary cloud dictates which cloud any files that you upload from the BlackBerry will be stored on. You can change this directly from the device by selection the cloud you wish to be primary and then choosing 'set to primary' from the menu.  

This gives you, for example, the flexibility of storing all your videos and pictures on one cloud and all your documents on another.

18 BlackBerry: My Syncs

The Storage Made Easy Sync enables you to sync from a local directory to your cloud or from a cloud directory to your BlackBerry:

To add a directory from your phone to be kept in sync with the root directory of your primary cloud storage provider:

1. Click My Syncs
2. Click 'Add new' - this will take you into Android Directory Structure (
3. Navigate into the folder you wish to add and choose “Add folder” from the menu

To add a directory from your cloud to the phone:

1. Click “Files on clouds:
2. Click on the directory you wish to add to be sync'd to your phone

To sync:

When you are ready to synchronise the directories you just added:

1. Navigate to My Syncs
2. Click on the directory you wish to sync  
3. Click 'Sync now'
4. Repeat for each directory you added, whether it is added from the BlackBerry or the Cloud.

Each Time you wish to refresh your Cloud Files view, all you need to do is to go to 'My Syncs', select any directory you wish to refresh and choose to sync from the menu. Any updated or new files will be sync'd up to your Cloud of choice or down to the phone.

19 BlackBerry: Cloud Notes

You can create notes directly in Storage Made Easy for BlackBerry. There is no formatting, these are simply text files. The advantage of creating them in Storage Made Easy is that they are synchronised back to your underlying cloud.   This is useful if you wish to keep all your notes in Google Docs or SkyDrive for example.

To Synchronise, from the main menu, click the option.

20 BlackBerry: Searching for files

You can search for files on your Cloud Storage Providers in a variety of ways and any results are quickly returned. If you have multiple storage clouds mapped to your account then the search works against all the different clouds and returns the aggregated results. For example if you had Google Docs and Amazon S3 mapped to your account and search for files with an extension of .doc then all the .doc files from Amazon S3 and Google Docs would be returned in the search results.