SME 2.5 Cloud Appliance release overview

This post outlines the features / bug fixes for the on-site EFSS Cloud Control Appliance 2.5.3.

The 2.5.3 version of the   SME Appliance is scheduled for release w/c 4th February 2014.

Features Updates include:

- RackSpace Cloud Connector updated to support new regions in US and AsiaPac
- Translation Added
- Evernote Cloud added
- Team folder external sharing added
- Team real-time document collaboration support added (Zoho office required)
- Shared folder permissions updated to include over-ride modifiers to prevent uploading files or creating sub folders (granularity)
- Update to Roles and Permissions to enable certain administrator permissions to roles
- Updated lock functionality when folder move, copy or Move to Trash, Cloud Refresh is being processed
- Update to change default storage for appliance to be: amazon s3, RackSpace, FTP, WebDav, S3 compatible, or OpenStack
- Added Team members management API
- Added Connector integration for Cloud Search which integrates with Apache Solr to index contents of cloud files (Connector is commercial add-on)

  • Box Provider - Connector API changed and updated
    - Google Sites - Connector API changed and updated
    - OneDrive: Connector changed to ignore One Note files (unable to be accessed via OneDrive API)
    - Ubuntu: Change in connector to correct encoding of brackets
    - Google Drive: upgraded to use new Google Drive API
    - Import/Export: fix to support Box
    - Trash Restore: Changed slightly to make more intuitive
    - Shared Folder Fix: Bug where un-sharing a folder did not always un-share sub folders
    - File Manager: small fixes in File Manager UI
    - Fix for user invitation via email (blank password returned) - Fix for IE 11 for Windows 8/8/1 for Web File Manager (upload issue)

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