SME EFSS 2.61 Cloud Control Apliance Feature update

This post outlines the features / bug fixes for the on-site EFSS Cloud Control Appliance 2.6.1

The 2.6.1 version of the   SME Appliance was released on July 24th 2014.

Features Updates include:

- The appliance now supports authentication with LDAP
- Jive is supported as a  provider
- CMIS is supported as a provider
- Appliance Update  now has option to use a proxy server for update
- Added support for 2 new role permission to view audit logs and manage trash
- User Interface changes
- 2 Factor Authentication support added
- Options page now is tabbed and options are categorised

  • Email templates customization bug is fixed
    - Quota bug where full size was not getting recorded is fixed
    - Small Misc bug fixes

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