Appliance 3.0 Release Notes

Below are the release notes for version 3.0 of the SME Cloud Appliance release June 1 2015

General Updates

  • X-Forwarded-For and X-Forwarded-Proto honoured for SSL offloading
  • When configuring IMAP you have the option to specify TLS
  • LDAP integration now supports realtime lookup of roles and groups
  • Ability to disable direct upload of files to S3 and OpenStack - compatible providers
  • SSLV3 is disabled.
  • SSL Ciphers restricted
  • OS packages updated
  • Easier File Selection using checkboxes
  • Image thumbnails can be previewed
  • Default PDF viewer is native viewer rather than google viewer
  • PDF viewer annotations
  • Ability to add custom themes
  • Options Layout for Org Admins re-designed
  • Improved HTML5 mobile capabilities of the File Manager (see
  • FM double click behaviour changed to “open” rather than “download”
  • Quick Search folder introduced directly into the FM
  • Introduced download limit policy for shared links
  • Audit log export fix for large file zips
  • Many small bug fixes and feature updates


  • Added the ability to change team account options
  • Added the ability to enable CORS for API


  • RawURL encoding is used for all S3 compatible providers
  • RawURL encoding is used for webdav provider
  • Ability to Annotate and view PDF documents (preview)
  • Added support for custom data classifications
  • After Zoho update the file time stamp is updated correctly
  • CleverSafe provider uses TLS1.0 when connecting to the backend
  • OpenStack Swift provider uses TLS1.0 when connecting to the backend
  • OpenStack provider now supports swift Dynamic large objects
  • Alfresco provider allows to specify home patch
  • OneDrive updated to work for large file support
  • iCloud Provider updated
  • Google Drive provider upload speed improvement
  • Cloudian provider improved, fixed a case when in certain scenarios if virutal folder had more than 1000 objects
  • Added support for Amazon S3 server side encryption
  • Google Drive amended to ignore Google Forms
  • Added ability to provider custom oAuth and dev keys for cloud providers
  • Added CIFS, Ceph, Leonovus, SwiftStack, Memset storage providers
  • Added support for Google Nearline Storage
  • Updated Instapaper in Cloud Migration
  • Storage report and license expiry is sent to admin every day
  • Ability to evaluate Solr integration withe the appliance
  • Added Glacier, Cloudfront, and encryption support for Amazon S3 provider

Cloud Adaptors

  • CloudDav correctly returns 201 response code on folder creation
  • CloudDav improved performance when listing large directories
  • CloudFTP listing improvements

Known Issues

  • Private cloud shared folder trash restore does not display the folder