Appliance 10 Release Notes

Below are the release notes for version 10 of the SME Cloud Appliance initially released August 15th 2016.

This appliance concentrated on updating the base system to Centos 7 in addition to a full security sweep and consolidation of bugs and features from v 3.2.x.

Service Pack 1 (SP1)


Base Operating System for Appliance updated to Centos 7.2.155 (core) (SME-2040)

Added OCR- Legal Use only (SME-1997)

Remove Link to old File Manager [SME-2258]

Replace Cloudian icon [SME-2426]

Updated Cloud Storage Provider icons (SME-2384)

Web UI File Batch Uploading optimisations (SME-2288)

SOLR Schema Update [SME-2338]

Deprecated as a provider due to service closure [SME-2298]

Cloud Migration assistant formatting improvements (SME-2291, SME-2295, SME-2297)

Office 365 added to export page (SME-2284)

Resolved issue with share link button not working (SME-2215)

Resolved Issue with Activation page (SME-2214)

Resolved Content Search Conflict with V10 of Appliance (SME-2266)

Added ability to back up another bucket or container for a single Object Cloud (SME-2235 SME-2036)

Upgraded JQuery Library to 2.2.4 (SME-2236)

Updated CloudEdit (SME-2219)

Updated Appliance Admin Look and Feel Settings (SME-2209 SME-2210)

PHP performance optimisation (SME-2200)

Updated logos (SME-2020)

Improved performance of Team folder auto-refresh (SME-1993)

NFS / File System connector update (SME-2015 SME-1988 SME-1806)

Added ability for user accounts to connect to shared Openstack folders based on OpenStack Group permissions (SME-1953)

Added ability for user to be added without email address from LDAP import (SME-1872 SME-1873)

Changed LDAP auth system to use userprincipalname instead of dn on user import (SME-1755)

Enable setting of DLO in Auto-configured users for OpenStack Clouds (SME-1874)

New Caringo Swarm connector (SME-1933)

Internal Document Previewer implemented for Appliance (SME-1652)

Support rate limiting for Connectors that can be restricted by it (SME-1544)

Updated Trash implementation (SME-1903)

Added Custom Home Page custom widget (SME-1863)

CloudEdit for Mac implemented (SME-1760)

Legal mode optimisations (SME-1839)

Add AWS Pacific Seoul Endpoint (SME-1738)

Box Connector update (SME-1759)

iCloud Drive Connector update (SME-1757)

Huddle Connector update (SME-1626)

Enabled Clouds to be added directly from FM (SME-341)

Implement 2FA API (SME-1491)

Implement Mobile Iron Support (SME-1845 SME-1844)

Bug Fixes

Resolved 400 (Bad Request) intermittent error (SME-2494)

Improvements to Annotations (SME-1997 SME-2224)

Resolved doCreateNewUser / external_id API bug (SME-2144)

Resolved introduced issue with user access / edit (SME-2495)

Resolved issue with Mobile App certificates (SME-2490)

Resolved Audit logs issue related to updated encryption [SME-2485]

Resolved an issue with downloading a file from a folder shared with a business group that is nested 2 deep [SME-2483]

Disable direct upload when Org encryption is used [SME-2463]

Fixed issue with arbitrary HTTP Client Host headers (SME-2431)

Fix special folders in search result [SME-2397]

Fixed Issue with Cloud Migrations [SME-2452]

Fixed issue with PDF Annotations loading slowly (SME-2437)

Fixed UI issues introduced in 10.0.10 (SME-2447 SME-2179 SME-2014 SME-1981 SME-1656)

Fixed issue with uploading many large files (SME-2434)

Various UI improvements / resolutions (SME-2405 SME-2190 SME-1846 SME-1858 SME-1913 SME-1860 SME-1680 SME-1852 SME-1616)

Fixed Site Links file creation functionality (SME-2409)

Fixed issue with SOLR Search introduced with 10.04 (SME-2392)

Fixed issue regarding a direct upload to DropBox (SME-2341)

Resolved bug related to duplicate cloud sync tasks being created (SME-2320)

Resolved getFolderContents API bug (SME-2354)

Resolved issue appertaining to data classification and Search (SME-2309)

Resolved Menu Scrolling bug in Org Options (SME-2296)

Resolved File copy bug (when a folder copy is processed) (SME-2336)

Resolved issue relating to removing save searches (when Apache SOLR enabled) [SME-2326]

Resolved issue where user was not being assigned temporary password on Org Admin registration (SME-2325)

Resolved Issue relating to Ceph Provider and folder (SME-2267)

Resolved issue adding Providers to V10 (SME-2230)

Added lock on folder when processing cloud refresh (SME-2234)

Correct Field alignment issue in setup page inFirefox (SME-2248)

Corrected Issue with many concurrent background Move’s (SME-2146)

Corrected issue re ‘Share with Group’ being shown when Groups were disabled (SME-2259)

Resolved issue related to saving Index Option for default storage provider (SME-2257 SME-2009)

Resolved issue with getting file list when S3 was default provider (SME-2252)

Corrected issue with regards to removing encryption phrase for Team files (SME-2207)

Corrected issue relating to annotation stamps (SME-2250)

Resolved issue related to password protected and encrypted public files not being able to be downloaded SME-2247)

Corrected IMAP connector email issue (SME-2242)

Resolve issue with Trash ‘destroy’ not working as expected (SME-2232)

Corrected issue with incorrect error message when session expired (SME-1327)

Upgraded Smarty templates (SME-2229)

Resolved issue with folder rename introduced in V10 (SME-2233)

Resolved S3 move to provider issue (SME-222)

Changed PHP redirect to PERL uploader to work without http call (SME-1865)

Resolved Smart Folder rename issue (SME-2076)

Time Limit Error (SME-2202)

Resolve Smart Folder refresh before copy/move/rename (SME-2201)

Resolved CloudEdit issue in Windows Edge (SME-2185)

Resolved small bug re creating a bucket and error displayed if thrown (SME-2194)

Resolved issue with opening shared doc when logged in (SME-2192)

Resolved issue with playing video files if file sharing disabled (SME-2191)

Resolved error with Google Drive/Docs download (SME-2189 SME-2094)

Updated Paypal instant notification error (SME-2183)

Resolved Pricing Page message if user is logged in (saas only) (SME-2158)

Resolved intermittent error received when searching files (SME-2168)

Improve DropFolder functionality (SME-1726)

Resolved intermittent error with WebDav Connector (SME-2166)

Fixed a path selector in FTP connector (SME-2115)

Resolve issue with contact Library (SME-2157)

Resolved error with FileBox (SME-2153)

Azure connector bug fix (SME-2142)

Jive provider fixes (SME-2091)

CMIS Provider fixes (SME-2067)

HPSS Provider updated (SME-2057)

CIFS provider upate (SME-2090)

Various SOLR bugs reported resolved (SME-2106)

IBM Connector Fixes (SME-2066)

iCloud Connector Fixes(SME-2066)

OpenS3 (S3 compatible connector) Fixes (SME-2101)

Google Storage Connector Fixes (SME-2099 SME-2013)

Optimised delivery of front-end assets (SME-1991)

Fixes for OpenStack / RackSpace connector (SME-2010 SME-2025)

SwiftStack Connector fixes (SME-1911)

Optimize SQL queries (SME-2002)

Refactor Tag Cloud and remove dependencies (SME-1960)

Resolve folder creation issue in WebDav provider (SME-1955)

Fix issue with removing chunked files from Trash (SME-1925)

Fix issue with restoring bucket from Trash (SME-1924)

Fix bug whilst saving contact info (SME-1919)

Resolve cyrillic folder/file creation issue with Office 365 (SME-1918)

Resolve issue with folder rename missing from Audit logs (SME-1536)

Gmail connector update (SME-1808)

Resolve Admin role assignment issue (SME-1966)

Resolve new Trash issue with CIFS connector (SME-1855)

Update SharePoint / OneDrive connector (SME-1927)

Add ability to export Organisation logs in XLS format (SME-1948)

Native versioning bug fixes (SME-1796)

Right Pane (SME-1696)

Resolved issue with moving file in background tasks (SME-1950)

Resolve issues on new Trash implementation (SME-1837 SME-1867 SME-1752 SME-1762 SME-1813 SME-1805)

Curl deprecation (SME-1920 SME-1794)

Update doCopyFile Function (SME-1888)

Resolve OpenStack SSL problem (SME-1878)

Resolve issue with backup cloud (SME-1836)

Updated static pages to be mobile friendly (SaaS only) (SME-1870)

Resolved issue with editing doc, xls, ppt files (SME-1672)

UI change for roles and shared folders (SME-1898)

Resolved bug whilst creating folders (SME-1691)

Resolved bug on cloud tasks page (SME-1877)

Resolved issue with thumbnails not updating on new upload (SME-1702)

Resolved issue with Amazon S3 bug after signature changes (SME-1879)

UI Fixes for internal document previewer (SME-1853 SME-1674)

Resolution for Windows Azure special characters (SME-1829)

Resolve issue with incorrect email address and file sharing SME-1791)

Resolved duplicate file ID error when file moved to Trash (SME-1840)

Legal Use only - Issue codes to be unique per case (SME-1490)

Resolution for Google Storage special characters (SME-1824)

Resolved error with contact suggestion (SME-1830)

Resolved issue with download from Office 2013 (SME-1810)

Extend doRenameFile API Operation (SME-1716)

Legal Use Only - Change Annotation Open URL (SME-1705)

If in search configuration “Enable search is off” No solr action is performed (SME-1587)

Add support for OpenStack Swift Temp URL (SME-1420)

Resolve download issue with Office 365 (SME-1724)

Resolved issue with storage size calculation (SME-1621)

Handle OneDrive Virus check error on download (SME-1635)

Disabled Glasscube token check (SME-1608)


Deprecated ciphers in CloudSFTP (aes128-cbc, blowfish-cbc, aes256-cbc, 3des-cbc, arcfour128, arcfour256, HMACs: hmac-md5, hmac-sha1-96, hmac-md5-96) (SME-2133)

Secured Sensitive Directories [SME-2449]

Login & PW reset form CSRF protected [SME-2448]

Updated Cryptography Library (SME-2423 SME-2178 SME-2171)

Fixed discovered XSS issue (SME-2432)

Moved Tmp Directories in Public HTML (SME-2421)

Fixed Directory Traversal Allows Downloading of - Arbitrary .gif Files (SME-2420)

Fixed detected SSRF issue (SME-2418)

Fixed URL data transmission issue (SME-2419)

Fixed detected issue with XSS Cross Site Scripting in Mobile App (SME-2424)

Fixed Issue with Open URL redirection (SME-2428)

Resolved permissions (No Access not be honoured in sub folders) [SME-2304]

Resolved server-side escaping with Custom Home Message Content (SME-2237)

Variety of security updates 223 SME-2159 SME-2156SME-2145 SME-2140 SME-2150 SME-1495 SME-1596 SME-1580)

Disabled preview for HTML files in previewer (SME-2148)

Service Pack 2 (SP2 - October 2016) SP2 was released in October 2016. It contains all patches for version 10 after SP1 (10.0.3) and through patch 26 (10.0.26).


File copy and download improvements. (SME-2336)

Reduce chance of duplicate sync tasks. (SME-2320)

Batch uploading improvements. (SME-2288)

Improvement in concurrent uploading of large files. (SME-2434)

Error codes for directory access attempts adjusted. (SME-2449)

Removed and Dump Truck. (SME-2298)

Improved navigation for Cloud Migration Assistant. (SME-2297)

Aligned search schema with new search version. (SME-2338)

Improved interactions between data classifications and deep search. (SME-2309)

API consistency improvement. (SME-2354)

Direct upload disabled when org. encryption is used. (SME-2463)

Improved CloudEdit - Chrome interactions. (SME-2548, SEM-2579)

Added Librados support for Ceph. (SME-2334)

Improved SME's compatibility with IE11's compatibility mode. (SME-2565)

Added protection against inadvertent removal of buckets. (SME-2569)

Added support for Zoho concurrent editing (SME-1881)

Extended feature for attaching issues to files. (SME-2654)

Improved error message for failed FTP connection test. (SME-2666)

Removed limit of 50 org. members for stats export. (SME-2667)

Improved email template validation. (SME-2394)

Web app. security enhancement. (SME-2636)

Improved provider screen spacing. (SME-2291)

Improved cloud migration screen spacing. (SME-2295)

Added temporary password to activation email. (SME-2325)

Improved scrolling and display on options screen. (SME-2296)

Inactive link removed. (SME-2258)

Improved behaviour of drag-and-drop with drop folders. (SME-2541)

Prevent timeouts on large folder moves. (SME-2404)

Annotations performance improvement. (SME-2437)

Improved PDF annotations feature. (SME-2499)

Performance improvements. (SME-2570)

Patch level displayed with version number. (SME-2392)

Bug Fixes

Resolved DropBox direct upload problem. (SME-2341)

Resolved issue for Business Groups with downloading nested files. (SME-2483)

Corrected problem with removing saved searches. (SME-2326)

Correct problem with site link files in File Manager. (SME-2409)

JavaScript errors corrected. (SME-2447)

Corrected API issue with adding users. (SME-2144)

Corrected resource loading problem. (SME-2494)

Corrected problem with special handling for Google docs. (SME-2520)

Resolved URL copying issue. (SME-2503)

Resolved small files decryption problem. (SME-2553)

Corrected concurrency control issue. (SME-2581)

Corrected issue with LDAP updates on login. (SME-2588)

Corrected issue with notifications on shared folder events. (SME-2615)

Corrected issues with Google Drive docs conversion and URLs. (SME-2599)

Corrected Audit Watch notification omission. (SME-2640)

Added Office365 provider icon. (SME-2284)

Correct icons for storage providers. (SME-2384)

Provider icons corrected in Cloud Migration tool. (SME-2452)

Provider icon corrected in File Manager. (SME-2426)

Special folders names corrected in search. (SME-2397)

Corrected icon loading issue. (SME-2495)


CloudSFTP security improvements. (SME-2530, SME-2536, ME-2537)

Security enhancement in mobile apps. (SME-2424)

File manager security enhancement. (SME-2419)

Web app. security enhancements. (SME-2418, SME-2420, SME-2428, SME-2429, SME-2430, SME-2431, SME-2432, SME-2448)

Improved encryption phrase handling. (SME-2485)

Improved certificate handling for mobile apps. (SME-2490)

Corrected permissions behaviour. (SME-2304)

Logging security enhancement. (SME-2421)

Encryption improvement. (SME-2423)

Patch 31

This patch includes both Service Pack 1 and 2.


Cookie management was improved. (SME-2927)

A more forceful warning is now displayed when the appliance administrator (appladmin) proposes to delete an org. admin. (SME-2935)

Users in nested groups can now be imported from LDAP authentication providers. (SME-2977)

Resolved Issues

When the org. admin selected the Lite File Manager on the Organization Options User Interface page and also re-sets the Default Page After Login without saving between the two changes, then these setting changes were be visible on the Organization Options User Interface page. This has been corrected. (SME-2768)

When the File Manager's context menu was used to create a new Excel workbook, the tab names in the new workbook were not the expected names. This has been corrected. (SME-2903)

When a provider containing smart folders was removed and re-added, the files in the smart folders were restored to an incorrect location. This has been corrected. (SME-3039)

Importing from the root directory of certain providers (CIFS,Dropbox, FS and HPSS) failed. This has been corrected. (SME-3019)

Under some circumstance copies and moves to a recently created smart folder would result in the copied or moved folder being placed in the root of the provider instead of the intended location. This has been corrected. (SME-3025)

When a shared file with a thumbnail was updated, some users would continue to see the thumbnail image from a previous version. This has been corrected. (SME-3060)

Under some circumstances when folders were created in the root directory of an object storage provider, two directories were created instead of on on the storage system. This has been corrected. (SME-3063)

Downloads from Amazon S3 were sometimes slow or incomplete. This has been corrected. (SME-3066)

Minor errors were sometimes reported when previews were loaded in the File Manager. This has been corrected. (SME-3068).

SME Appliance Version 10 Patch 10.0.32 Released June 2017. Contains all previous patches for version 10.


An emphatic warning is now displayed when appladmin tries to delete an org. user. (SME-3189)

Ceph is now supported as an appliance level default storage provider. (SME-3244)

A general purpose file approval feature has been added. It includes support for a new “approve files” permission. (SME-2746, SME-2828, SME-2831, SME-2832, SME-2833)

Attachments can now be included in comments. (SME-2744)

Users are now notified when they are mentioned in comments if @user notation is used. (SME-2745)

A new setting allows the org. admin to decide whether or not org. members can introduce new tags. (SME-2531)

A new setting allows the org. admin to decide whether or not org. members can see file versions. (SME-2742)

The comment timeline now associates each comment with the file version about which it was made. (SME-2743)

SAML is now supported for automation. (SME-2922)

Resolved Issues

Locking has been changed to prevent conflicts between delete and create operations in the same parent folder. (SME-3164)

An issue that prevented .htm file from being downloaded has been resolved. (SME-3029)

Chunked files that were uploaded by an org. member were not downloaded correctly for the org. admin. This has been resolved. (SME-3232)

.html files could not be downloaded from a folder accessed through a sharing link. This has been resolved. (SME-3238)

Changes have been made to improve the reliability of multi-file downloads in IE and Chrome. (SME-3242)

SME Appliance Version 10 Patch 10.0.33 released July 2017. Contains all previous patches for version 10.


SAML authentication on Azure using AD is now supported. (SME-3291)

API support is now provided for managing Appliance database backups. (SME-3300)

Direct upload to Appliance default storage is now supported. (SME-3315)

SAML support is now provided in the OAUTH API. (SME-3318)

The OAUTH authentication screen can now be branded. (SME-3318)

Inactive users no longer consume licenses. (SME-3331)

Locking has been liberalised to allow greater concurrency. (SME-3347)

CloudEdit interacts more smoothly with two factor authentication. (SME-3381)

Resolved Issues

An issue concerning use of a default organisation when users were auto-created with LDAP has been resolved. (SME-3359)

An issue in the API that prevented direct uploads from working properly for mass uploads has been resolved. (SME-3320)

The appearance and behaviour of the OAuth screen on the iPhone have been improved. (SME-3355)

When a user was deleted a piece of data was sometimes left in the database, which could cause an issue when a new user was being added. This has been resolved. (SME-2976)

When an FTP provider was re-sync'd, that provider's Trash folder was no longer visible. This has been resolved. (SME-3338)

Under some circumstances saving a change to an org. option (policy) resulted in an error. This has been resolved. (SME-3353)

The behaviour and appearance of the home page and the two-factor authentication pop-up have been improved. (SME-3380)

SME Appliance Version 10 Patch 10.0.34 released August 2017. Contains all previous patches for version 10.


The SME Web site can now be opened in an iframe. (SME-3408)

Resolved Issues

Under some conditions tags were not visible on the Tags tab of the File Manager. This has been resolved. (SME-3410)

Group names containing certain special characters could not be imported successfully from LDAP authentication providers. This has been resolved. (SME-3407)

SME Appliance Version 10 Patch 10.0.35 released October 2017. Contains all previous patches for version 10.


The Audit Log feature has been made faster, allowing it to handle large logs better. (SME-3122)

Resolved Issues

A few issues that affected tags management and visibility have been resolved. (SME-3434)

Operations on directories containing many files that have thumbnail images sometimes caused the File Manager to become unstable. This has been resolved. (SME-3050 and SME-3552)

The “Sort by”drop down menu in the File Manager was not displaying any choices. This has been resolved. (SME-3562)

An issue with the API key for Office 365 integration was resolved. (SME-3456)