Updating the Cloud Appliance

This section how the SME on-premise Enterprise Cloud Appliance can be updated.

Applicable to:

On-Premise Cloud Appliance
IaaS Hosted Appliance

The Appliance   has a mechanism to do an update built into it. It is a one click update which should be scheduled with Storage Made Easy prior to doing the actual update itself. This will ensure that the version you are moving from and too do not have any incompatibilities or other things you need to be aware of.

Prior to Update:

BackUp the DataBase. This can be done directly from the Appliance.

Post Update:
If visual changes, changes to icons, or changes to CSS layouts etc have been made as part of the appliance then client web browser caches may need to be updated. This can be done by emptying the cache, or 30 seconds after loading the update version of a client page SME will instruct the browser to reload on the next launch.