Activating your License

last updated on July 17, 2023

This guide describes how you can activate your license.

To Activate a License

Please ensure you have the following prerequisites satisfied before following this guide:

  • Your appliance up and running
  • Access to the 'appladmin' account
  • A Serial Number and the associated Authorization Code (available from your Nasuni account).
  • Egress access to *

To get the serial number and Authorization code, log in to and choose “NAA Serial Numbers”.

Then select a serial no. and the associated authorization code.

Next, you will need to login to your appliance with the appladmin account.

Once you have logged in to this account, from the top Settings menu, select Account Status and License Key.

You will see a screen similar to the following.

If you have a new installation then no license key or serial number will be installed when you open this screen.

Apply Your Serial Number (v2106.07 and later)

Before you apply a Serial Number the Account Status box will look like this:

When you acquired your serial number you should have acquired an authorization code at the same time. Paste them into the labelled boxes in the Account Status box, and press “Save”. If the values you provided were correct, the Account Status box will look like this:

Starting with Access Anywhere version 2301, if your Access Anywhere serial number is registered then new license keys will be downloaded and applied automatically when your subscription is renewed.

Apply Your License Key (before v2106.07)

When you were sent your license, you will have received either a link to the License Key, or the License Key as a file attachment. In either case, first ensure that you have downloaded your license key to your computer / device.

There are 3 approaches to adding your license key here:

  • Drag & Drop
  • Browsing your file system
  • Copy & Paste

To Drag & Drop, simply open your file system explorer like Mac's Finder, or Windows Explorer, locate the File Fabric License key and then drag and drop this into the marked area.

To Browse from your file system, click anywhere in the marked area on the right, and a File System browser will appear. Find the File Fabric license key from your computer.

To Copy & Paste, find the License Key on the computers file system, and open it using a Text editor like Notepad, Notepad++, TextEdit, Sublime Text or other appropriate application. Then, copy the whole contents of the file, and paste into the input field beneath Paste/type license key here.

Once you have added your license click the Save license button.

Now your License Key has been applied to your File Fabric.

Key Expiration Messages

Starting ten days before the license key expires, the org. admin and org. members will receive warning messages when they log in to the File Fabric through the web interface.

A notice will also be posted on the Appliance License Key page.