Branding the Enterprise File Fabric Appliance and Apps

The File Fabric Appliance can be branded at the web and desktop App / Mobile App level.

This guide steps you through the levels of branding available

1 File Fabric Appliance Branding

The SME Appliance can be branded at any time. The logos can be changed and through the style sheet look and feel options can be customized.

For example, to hide the “Change Password” option you would use:

#dash_Password {
     display: none

2 Account Branding

The hosted services that SME provides at (US) or (EU) can also be branded. When logged in as an Admin navigate to options and scroll down the page to add a company logo and once added a unique direct link will be given to access the File Fabric.

More details on the process for account tenant branding can be found here.

3 Branding Emails

Emails can also be completely branded as to appear to being sent form the company. These apply to shared files, notifications etc.

This feature is available to the Cloud File Server Admin in the DashBoard and is applicable to the SaaS Cloud File Server   and the on-premise hosted cloud files server.

5 Windows Packager

The Windows Packager enables to preset the options generated for the Windows Tools including logo, name, and other options related to the functionality of the tools and what elements of the tools are included. The customer can use this to generate their own custom-packaged Windows desktop tooling solution for their user base. This includes also setting default sync locations for direct corporate roll-out.

See Nasuni Access Anywhere for Windows Apps Packager for more information.

6 Windows Tools custom branded example

This is an example of a custom built version of the windows tools in which icons and company name have been changed