Enabling the CIFS Provider

This CIFS feature is only available for version 3.0+ of SME Appliance. Please use the prior mechanism to work with CIFS if you have an older version of the appliance.

From version 3.0 of the SME Cloud Appliance there is an easier way to expose Windows based CIFS shares from the SME Enterprise File Share and Sync service . This guide steps an Admin through how to enable the CIFS connector (provider) in the SME Appliance.

ssh as root

For these commands you will need to su as root

$ ssh smeconfiguser@appliance IP address

after establishing ssh session su as root

-bash-3.2$ su - root

SELinux to permissive mode

as root execute the following command this will temporarily make SELinux permissive

echo 0 >/selinux/enforce

To permanantly make SELinux permissive edit /etc/selinux/config and change the line



  • Login as appladmin in to the appliance
  • go to User Packages and select the package assigned to the user

User Package

  • Enable CIFS provider for the package and save

Edit Package

Login in to the SME user account and you should see CIFS as provider in the dropdown list when you login as SME user Provider List

CIFS Provider Login Screen

At this point you can process to follow the provider wizard to add a CIFS share.

If you have added a CIFS share that is later directly removed then the metadata will remain visible in SME but you will be given warnings that SME cannot connect on upload, download or sync.

If you wish to remove this metadata you need to remove the provider entirely via the Cloud DashBoard.