Deployment Options

The File Fabric platform is built using a service-oriented or component-based architecture. Data and application service components can be co-located on a single virtual machine, or deployed as across many nodes. For small to mid-size production environments, the solution is typically deployed as a single virtual machine instance or “software appliance”.

This table compares single-node and multi-node deployment options and the impact they have on the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) assuming daily backups of the instance.

Deployment Single Node Multiple Nodes (e.g. Multi-AZ)
Nodes 1 4 minimum (2 app + 2 data)
Database Embedded Active/Passive
Backup Method Instance Snapshot Database Backup
Recovery Point Objective (RPO) Application data* – 1 day Application data* – 0 seconds
Files/objects – 0 seconds Files/objects – 0 seconds
Recovery Time Objective (RTO) Several hours App node - No loss of service
Data node - Under an hour

* Application data includes configuration settings, cached storage metadata, user collaboration data (shared links, comments), and activity logs.