Known Issues in Appliance v10 Patch 32-v2

  • The SFTP provider will not work properly if it is used as the appliance default storage provider. It should not be used for this purpose. Using SFTP as the default provider for an Org. is ok. (SME-2254)
  • Depending on the number of files in the folder, using Cloud Refresh to refresh the contents of a folder can be slow when a backup provider is in use. (SME-2952)
  • CloudSFTP does not work with some client programs. (SME-3056)
  • The appliance's Windows Azure connector does not work with Azure's Blob storage accounts. It does work with blobs in Azure's General storage accounts. (SME-2177)
  • Neither the appliance's Windows Azure connector nor the SaaS service's connector works with objects of the Append Blob type. (SME-3071)
  • Under some circumstances the thumbnail image shown in the File Manager's directory listing for files stored on Google Drive may not match the contents of the file. (SME-3060).
  • When permission is granted to a user/role to have read and write access to a folder without the ability to upload files to that folder, the permissions management screen will indicate incorrectly that the user does not have permission to upload to subfolders of that folder. In fact the user should and does have permission to upload to the subfolders. The permissions management screen is incorrect. (SME-3104)
  • Although it should not be possible to convert into a shared team folder a folder that has one or more shared team folders as subfolders, there is no check to prevent this action. (SME-3116)
  • In some cases when a shared team folder is unshared, remnants of the shared status remain in the folder's metadata and can interfere with subsequent actions for a brief period. (SME-3116)
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