Log File Locations

The following are the log file locations for the Enterprise File Fabric solution:

Httpd server logs are located at /etc/httpd/logs

SME Application logs are located at /var/www/smestorage/sitelogs:

  • allmails.txt - all sent mails to address and subject are logged here
  • errorlogs.txt - application errors are logged here
  • errorlogs_trace.txt - contains full trace of errors in errorlogs.txt
  • logits.txt - general application logging

Protocol logs:

  • CloudFTP/CloudFTPS - /var/www/smestorage/ftpserver/ftpserver.log
  • CloudSFTP - /var/www/smestorage/ftpserver/sftpserver/log.txt
  • CloudDAV - /var/www/smestorage/webdav_html/cgi-bin/log.txt

Other logs:

  • Cron Jobs (background task management) - /var/www/smestorage/cron/log.txt

Log Rotation:

  • A log rotation script runs under cron: /var/www/smestorage/cron/logroller.pl
  • The configuration file is at: /var/www/smestorage/cron/config_logroller.conf
  • Log Archive - /var/www/smestorage/tmp/logsarchive
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