Server Notifications

Server errors and a daily report are sent to a notification email address configured by the Appliance Administrator.

Enabling Server Notifications

Log into the web app as the Appliance Administrator (appladmin).

The “Notification Email” setting is on the “SMTP and Filebox Configuration” page that can be found via the menu “Email and Filebox”.

You must also set up SMTP Configuration.

Server Status Daily Report

This report checks disk usage and license expiration and counts. It's emailed each day.

Hello SME Appliance Administrator,

Here is your daily status report (2021-07-31 at 04:05 UTC):

[OK] License Expiration Date: 2022-01-15 at 23:59 UTC.
[OK] License days left: 167

[OK] Disk Usage: 

   • /dev/sda2 22G of 70G used (32%)
   • /dev/sdb1 374M of 36G used (2%)
   • /dev/sda1 182M of 509M used (36%)

[WARNING] Team Accounts: Used 18 of 19
[OK] Single User Accounts: Used 2 of 10

The email was generated on ""

Thank you!

Disk Usage Report

New in 2106.00

A notification email is sent when one or more disks has less than 30% of space available.

Dear administrator,

Here is your disk usage report (2021-08-11 at 21:43 UTC):

[CRITICAL] Disk Usage: One or more disks is over 85% usage
Please note that if the system runs out of usable space, this can lead to a 
platform outage and potential data loss. 

   • /dev/sda3 24G of 28G used (86%)
   • /dev/sdb1 5.5G of 40G used (15%)
   • /dev/sda1 242M of 509M used (48%)

The email was generated on "". Node "Primary". Node ID "1".