Enabling Deep Content Search and PDF Burn Service

Deep Search and the PDF Services are only available for 3.0+ versions of the SME appliance.

SME can index the content of federated storage endpoints to provide deep search capabilities of structured files and data that various private and public storage repositories contain. Apache Solr is used to index the content.

For evaluation the standard appliance is configured for deep content search. The service is disabled out of the box. This guide walks you thorough the steps to enable deep content search

SME also provides Solr as a separate appliance for production usage.

You can enable deep content search for the various file types that SOLR is able to index.

The SME Enterprise Appliance also provides a PDF Annotation suite in which PDF's can be annotated and burnt. For the burn service to work it needs to be enabled and this guide will also step through how the burn service can be enabled.

ssh as root

For these commands you will need to su as root

$ ssh smeconfiguser@appliance IP address

after establishing the ssh session su as root

-bash-3.2$ su - root

Start the search and Burn PDF Service

Execute the following 2 commands:

service jetty start
chkconfig jetty on

The first command will start the service and second command will automatically start the service after a reboot.

Login as appladmin and enable the PDF Annotations tool in the extra options section for the package and press save.

Configure Search Values

Login as appladmin and from the right hand menu select search integration For the internal service you can use the following default values

Solr URI
Solr login solr
Solr password drom6etsh9Onk
Max file size to index 10485760

Assign Search to User Package

Login as appladmin and enable Content Search Enabled in the extra options section for the package and press save

Now when the user is adding a new Storage Provider he will have the option to enable content search for the provider.

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