Enterprise Maintenance and Support

Last updated on June 3rd 2021

For Enterprise Appliance users the following shall be the definitions of various terms to be used with regards to support:

Support Definitions are as follows:

  • STANDARD SUPPORT - Standard File Fabric Support. Terms as defined in the downloadable support agreement below.

  • SUPPORT SLA - As defined by the customer contract. The default is standard support as documented in the downloadable support agreement below.

  • SOFTWARE - The SME Enterprise File Fabric and associated software.

  • BUG means a failure of the SOFTWARE to perform as specified in the applicable Product Description and/or Wiki documentation and/or Installation Guide and/or defective software distribution media.

  • PATCH means a revision of the SOFTWARE designed to correct a BUG or environmental issue therein.

  • NEW RELEASE means a new version of the SOFTWARE designed to improve or extend its performance and may incorporate a series of PATCHES and other changes and improvements.

  • SUPPORT: To resolve day to day issues related to the software.

  • MAINTENANCE: To provide patches and new releases as the software is updated.

  • ENHANCEMENT: To add new features to the software as requested or to integrated or extend the software into a customers environment.

  • CONSULTING SERVICES: Services provided to compliment Maintenance and Support with regards to product roll-out, integration with company infrastructure or software, or enhancement requests.

Note that installing upgrades is outside the scope of support and requires a Professional Services engagement.

A copy of the latest standard File Fabric support agreement for Enterprise customers can be downloaded here.

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