Appliance Versions Support Policy

Last Updated Sept. 29, 2020

As features are added or issues resolved the appliance version number changes. This document explains how we number appliance versions, what versions are eligible for fixes and improvements under our standard support agreement, and how customers may be able to receive improvements for older versions.

See also File Fabric Versions Support Status.

Version Numbers

  • Each release has a major version number and a minor version number separated by a period, for example: 1803.03
  • The first release of a major version usually has a minor number of “00”, in which case we may refer to the version without its minor number, for example: 1803

New Version Packaging

  • The first release of a major version is provided as VM images for a variety of hypervisors, and usually as an update that can be applied to older versions.
  • In some cases, however, to upgrade to a new major version it may be necessary to deploy a new VM and migrate from the old version to the new version.
  • Minor versions for a major version that has already been released are provided only as updates that can be applied to any previous minor version of that major version.
  • We sometimes refer to updates from one minor version of a major version to another minor version of the same major version as “service packs”.


  • Patches are sometimes created between versions for specific customers.
  • In some cases they are numbered with a identifier that is separated from the minor version number by a dash, for example: 1803.03-SME-2345
  • In other cases patches are identified by a name referring to the customer for which the patch was created and/or the nature of the patch, for example: 1803.03 CloudBusters
  • Every patch that has been issued since a version was released is incorporated into the next release unless timing prohibits the inclusion of a patch, in which case it will be included in the following release.

Fixes and Enhancements Under Standard Support

For customers who have purchased our standard support agreement, we provide software improvements as follows:

  • Standard support provides support for the last two major releases i.e. the current major release (and minor releases therein) and the one preceding it (and minor releases therein).
  • Patches are provided for what are deemed critical customer issues.
  • Where an issues is not deemed critical it may not be addressed until a future minor or major release.
  • Enhancements are driven by our product roadmap and often include changes requested by customers.
  • Enhancements may be released in major or minor versions or occasionally in customer-specific patches.


A self-service procedure is provided for most upgrades, with notification being provided if this is not the case. The procedure for upgrading to each new version is certified to work for the two major versions that were under support just prior to the new version's release. For example, if versions 1906 and 2006 were the supported versions when version 2101 was released, then the upgrade to version 2101 would be certified for versions 1906 and 2006 (including their minor versions). Upgrades from older versions are not certified and may require paid professional services from SME.

Support for Older Versions

SME may be able to provide issue resolutions and/or functional enhancements for versions that fall outside of the policy described in the previous section on a professional services basis. Customers interested in such an arrangement should contact their SME sales representative.