Appliance Versions Support Policy

As features are added or issues resolved the appliance version number changes. This document explains how we number appliance versions, what versions are eligible for fixes and improvements under our standard support agreement, and how customers may be able to receive improvements for older versions.

A release has a version number consisting of a major number, a minor number and a service pack number, separated by periods. For example, version number 3.2.1 indicates our third major version, with its second minor upgrade, with its first service pack.

Major Number Changes

Major versions indicate a set of product or infrastructure updates that are categorised by a major release number.

Minor Number Changes

We increase the minor number when we make a release between major releases that has significant functional improvements from the previous version.

We increase the service pack number when we make a release between minor releases that incorporates all of the stand-alone patches that we have made since the most recent minor release.


Version 3.2.1 is the second minor release since the release of version 3, with its first service pack: • Version 3.0 was a major release • Version 3.1 was the first minor upgrade to version 3. • Version 3.2 was the second minor upgrade to version 3. • Version 3.2.1 is version 3.2 plus its first service pack.

Stand-alone Patches and Service Packs

Stand-alone patches are provided to individual customers on an as-needed basis. A stand-alone patch typically contains a resolution for a single issue, or a minor functional enhancement with a significant productivity benefit for a specific use case.

Service packs are created by rolling up all of the stand-alone patches that we have developed since the most recent minor release. A customer who receives a stand-alone patch will be encouraged to upgrade to the first service pack that contains the stand-alone patch as soon as that service pack is available.

For customers who have purchased our standard support agreement, we provide software improvements as follows:

  • Standard support provides support for the last two major releases ie. The current major release (and minor releases therein) and the one preceding it (and minor releases therein).
  • Patches are provided for what are deemed critical customer issues. Patches are rolled up into service Packs.
  • Where an issues is not deemed critical it may not be addresses until the next minor or major release.
  • Feature enhancements are roadmap or customer driven work that may be releases in service packs, and minor or major version releases.

SME may be able to provide issue resolutions and/or functional enhancements for versions that fall outside of the policy described in the previous section on a professional services basis. Customers interested in such an arrangement should contact their SME sales representative.