Cloud FTP

Last updated March 15, 2024

Cloud FTP and other protocol gateways allow client applications and devices to work with Access Anywhere over common file transfer protocols. Communication between Access Anywhere and the underlying storage still occurs using the storage protocol as implemented by the specific connector used to connect Access Anywhere to the storage.

Cloud FTP supports the following protocols:

  • FTP, (File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol for accessing and managing file systems over a wide-area network. Although this legacy protocol is widely supported it is highly insecure. Passwords and data are not encrypted. It has been replaced by more secure variants.
  • FTPS, also known as FTP over SSL/TLS, and FTP Secure is an extension to FTP that adds support for the Transport Layer Security (TLS). It provides secure access.
  • SFTP, the SSH File Transfer Protocol, is another secure network protocol for file system access and management.

Accessing Cloud FTP

To access Cloud FTP you should be able to use any FTP Client. Use your Access Anywhere username and password as credentials.

We recommend using Passive mode from the FTP client. Active mode is supported but is harder for users to configure. To upload large files you may need to use the maximum timeout for your FTP client.

Here's how to extend the timeout in some popular clients:

  • FileZilla: Go to Edit ⇒ Settings ⇒ Connection ⇒ set “Timeout in seconds” to 0
  • Transmit: Go to Preferences… ⇒ Click Advanced ⇒ Click Advanced Server Settings… ⇒ set “Connect Timeout” to 3600
  • WinSCP: Go to Session ⇒ Sites ⇒ Site Manager… ⇒ select your connection ⇒ click Edit ⇒ click Advanced… ⇒ Connection ⇒ Set “Server response timeout” to 6000

If configuring an endpoint for a device such as a scanner make sure you use a secure variabnt



Cloud FTP services are not enabled by default.

For configuration and other information see Cloud FTP, FTPS, SFTP Configuration.