Cloud FTP

Last edited on January 7, 2019.

Cloud FTP is an FTP Server protocol provided by the File Fabric. It's ideal for use with cloud storage that does not natively support FTP. Once a provider has been added to your Storage Made Easy account, if Cloud FTP is enabled, you will be able to access it from any FTP Client.

1 Accessing CloudFTP

To access CloudFTP you should be able to use any FTP Client. Use your Storage Made Easy username and password as credentials.

We recommend using Passive mode from the FTP client. Active mode is supported but is harder for users to configure. To upload large files you may need to use the maximum timeout for your FTP client.

Here's how to extend the timeout in some popular clients:

  • FileZilla: Go to Edit ⇒ Settings ⇒ Connection ⇒ set “Timeout in seconds” to 0
  • Transmit: Go to Preferences… ⇒ Click Advanced ⇒ Click Advanced Server Settings… ⇒ set “Connect Timeout” to 3600
  • WinSCP: Go to Session ⇒ Sites ⇒ Site Manager… ⇒ select your connection ⇒ click Edit ⇒ click Advanced… ⇒ Connection ⇒ Set “Server response timeout” to 6000


By default the CloudFTP service is configured to run an FTP service on port 21 and an FTPS service (FTP over SSL) on port 990.

Check the health of CloudFTP service by logging into the appliance and running the command:

systemctl status cloudftp

The service uses the configuration file:


The CloudFTP log can be found at:



On the SME SaaS service CloudFTP is restricted to 3 MB/sec download speed (this restriction does not apply to enterprise on-premise or IaaS dedicated server use).

CloudFTP grants 5 connection per user. If you try to use CloudFTP concurrently you may breach this limit and therefore the connection will not work.

If you a require a solution that scales beyond this we offer dedicated server FTP server gateways. Please contact us for more information.