Data Migration / Cloud Migration Services

As a software company that deals with data Storage Made Easy deals with a lot of data migrations - to Cloud, from Cloud, Amazon S3, Azure, OpenStack, and everything in-between! We have moved terabytes to multi-petabytes of data for small companies and for large blue chip multi-nationals.

We are able to use our own software and/or a combination of scripts and Apps the we have refined over time for the specific purpose of data migration, be it one time or repeated.

We have even done specialist data tasks such as, for example, removing all the duplicate files in a very large Google Docs / Google Storage data estate.

We quote and charge for data migrations or data related work on a case by case basis and we treat it as professional services work. If it is related to a purchase of our software then of course that is great, but if not we hope that by doing good job you will of course recommend us to others, or come back to us in the future.

If you are interested in a data migration quotation or other data relate quotations, whether on-cloud, on-premises or from cloud-to-cloud then please feel free to contact us.