Storage Made Easy Direct Cloud Uploader

The Direct Cloud Uploader is a tool that has been optmised for very large amounts of files uploads (many GigaBytes). It is faster than the Storage Made Easy sync centre tool as it makes a direct optimised upload to the supported Clouds, and after this processes a meta sync with Storage Made Easy, whereas the Sync tool process the meta-sync for each file on upload.  

After an initial upload you   can re-upload the same files and folders and any files that have already been uploaded and have not changed will be skipped.

The Direct Cloud Uploader currently supports Amazon S3, Google Storage, and RackSpace Cloud Files

1 Accessing the Direct Uploader

The Direct Uploader can be launched from Program Files→Storage Made Easy MultiCloud program gorup

2 First time use

When you first start the Direct Uploader you can choose which of the 3 clouds this tool supports and enter your Access Keys. If you wish the tool to remember your keys then please click the “Remember credentials” checkbox. If you wish to use a secure connection then please check the “Secure connection checkbox”.

3 Uploading a folder

Once you have logged into your Cloud you can choose to upload a folder. Clicking the “upload folder” will bring up a dialogue to enable you to browse for the folder to upload. All content within the folder including sub-structures will be uploaded.

4 Upload options / Sync

You can choose which bucket or container to upload to and if the storage cloud supports different storage options (such as Amazon S3 with Reduced Redundancy) then you will be able to choose what type of storage option you wish to use for the file uploads.

You can also choose the upload mode which is used to decided whether to skip files. There are two main options, filesize or datestamp. This is useful if you wish to keep the latest copies of directory structures that have large amounts of data on the cloud, but do not want to waste bandwidth uploading versions that have not changed. In future versions of this tool, this process will be able to be scheduled but currently it is a manual process only.

If you have already configured your Storage Made Easy account then you can click the 'sync with Storage Made Easy' checkbox and this will process a meta-sync of your cloud information to enable your files to viewed from Storage Made Easy. You don't have to do this and can process this manually later.

5 Creating a new bucket / container

You can also use the direct uploader tool to create a new bucket or container.

6 Synchronising with Storage Made Easy

You can choose to meta-synchronise all uploaded data with Storage Made Easy to enable you view your files through Storage Made Easy. This only syncs information about your files (filename, size, date, location) so they can be managed through the Storage Made Easy platform.