Backing up Email

Email from an IMAP email system can be backed up to any cloud that is set to be the Primary Cloud using the SME Cloud platform.

This help entry steps through how this can be achieved.

Applicable to:

- Free Users
- Personal Cloud Users
- Business Cloud Users
- On-Site Cloud Appliance Users

To backup email to your primary cloud provider you simply need to navigate to the email backup node in the SME Web File Manager (note that if you are Personal Cloud or Business Cloud user that you also have an icon for backup that is added to Outlook if you install the windows desktop tools).

Once you navigate to the Email Backups node and click on it a new toolbar option becomes visible no the right pane of the file manager and you simply need to elect the 'Add email account button' which is highlighted.

Choosing to add an email account lets you add the email IMAP details.

Once your GMail details are added then click o the 'Backup emil a box' button

This will interrogate the IMAP label and enable you to decide which parts of your IMAP email box you wish to back up.

Once scheduled the status of the backup can checked from the Cloud Sync Tasks.

Backups can be found within the email backup node you created and named and by default the backup title is the data and time the backup started (although this can be renamed).

Backups are grouped by year, month and date and backup attachments and the email itself to text files.

Not that for SME hosted free, personal or business cloud users Google GMail can give an alert when you try and add the initial email details. You can see an example of this above (which is strange as the SME EU server is located in the UK in Lincoln (as per the IP information to the right of the Google alert above).

To resolve this see the next step.

You can visit the URL: to validate that no unauthorised App is trying to access your email and then you can simply revisit adding the SME Email backup box which will now work.

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