External Parties as Org. Members

last updated Nov. 14, 2019

The File Fabric provides many ways to share data with external users, such as Business Group Workspaces:


and Drop Folders:


but in some situations an organisation may wants to share files with external parties using shared team folders. When this is done the Org. Admin can make the external parties domain members by adding them as users and restrict their privileges so they can do little except access the files that are being shared with them. Here are some points to consider if you adopt this approach:

  • The Member role is assigned automatically to each member that is added to the organisation. In most cases this assignment should be removed for the external parties. That way if a shared folder owner wants to grant access to all internal members of the organization, access can be granted to the Members role and exclude the external parties.

  • Unless you want to allow the external parties to store files on your storage you should establish the smallest possible storage quota (one MB) for these users.

  • You may want to block access to the File Fabric by the external parties through some or all of the supported client program types (devices). Note that access via at least one device type is needed so the external parties can access the shared folders.

The Org. Admin can control all settings from the “Organization staff > Edit User” page.

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