FileBox is a way to for users to add emails and attachments to a nominated storage cloud just by CC''ing or Bcc'ing an email to a unique Access Anywhere FileBox address.

1 Filebox: Instantly sharing files to folders from email

Filebox works as follows:

  1. All users have a Filebox setting in their Dashboard page.
  2. Each FileBox address requires a unique keyword. You can use the default or assign your own keyword to the / filebox@yourNAA email address so that the end email address become filebox.<keyword> / filebox.<keyword>@yourNAA
  3. This keyword becomes a unique address to send or forward an email. All emails that are received to this address that are sent from your registered Access Anywhere email address will be added to a smart folder called “My FileBox
  4. You can configure whether just to store emails or emails and attachments.
  5. Within the Filebox folder the subject line of the email will become a folder name. The email, will be stored as a text file, with any attachments if this is the configuration you chose.

**Note** You must send the emails from the email address that you registered with Access Anywhere for the emails to be picked up** (if you want to add more email addresses you can do this from Cloud Add-In's)

**Note** FileBox emails are processed every 5 minutes so it may take 5 to 10 minutes for the email to appear in your FileBox

2 FileBox for Team users

Each shared folder that is created as part of a Cloud File Server also has a unique email address.

The administrator of the Cloud File Server needs to assign the FileBox unique names and distribute them to users.