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 ====== Filebox ====== ====== Filebox ======
-FileBox is a way to for you to add emails and attachments to your nominated storage cloud just by CC''​ing or Bcc'​ing ​your email to your unique ​Storage Made Easy FileBox address.+FileBox is a way to for users to add emails and attachments to nominated storage cloud just by CC''​ing or Bcc'​ing ​an email to unique ​File Fabric ​FileBox address.
 Works with: Works with:
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   * Hosted IaaS   * Hosted IaaS
   * Enterprise on-premises software   * Enterprise on-premises software
- +===== 1 Filebox: ​Instantly sharing ​files to folders from email =====
-===== 1 Filebox: ​Sharing ​files over email =====+
 {{:​fileboxdash.png?​400|}} {{:​fileboxdash.png?​400|}}