File Fabric Gmail Extension

latest update: July 08, 2021

This extension enables users to share secure links directly from Gmail for their files from their File Fabric account. These links can be time expired, have download limits and can be password protected.

A File Fabric account is required to use this extension.

  • From you can add the File Fabric Gmail Extension to Google Chrome.
  • Once added please enable the File Fabric Extension
  • Open Gmail and click on “Compose” (new email)
  • At the bottom of the new email window, next to Send button, you will see SME icon, click on it.
  • you will be asked for your File Fabric account details:

To attach a file to an email,

  • Open Gmail and click on “Compose” email.
  • Click on this icon and you will see the folder / folder content listing of your File Fabric account.
  • Locate the file you want to attach and click “SELECT”
  • Chose the security options for the link and click “SHARE”
  • A link for the file will be added to the Gmail composed email.
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