ForkLift is free alternative File Manager to Finder that is available from the Mac App Store.

It is often used by companies as a more powerful version of OSX's native Finder and can also be used with Cloud stores such as Amazon S3 and protocols such as SFTP, WebDav and FTP.

As the File Fabric exposes FTP, SFTP, WebDav and S3 as protocols, it is possible to directly connect to the File Fabric using ForkLift.

We will use WebDav to demonstrate how this can be used to connect directly to the File Fabric.

First launch Forklift and click the 'connect' icon.

Choose WebDav and fill in the File Fabric WebDav server and user authentication details:

Once this done the account is connected and can be used within Forklift.

Other protocols (S3, SFTP, FTP) can also be used in a similar way.

Why not use the OSX built-in WebDav/FTP ?

The FTP connection built into OSX Finder is read-only. The WebDav connection built into OSX Finder is very slow. You can find out why in a blog post that was written by the SME tech team.

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