Mac Compatible Apps

Although the File Fabric is provided with its own set of Mac OSX applications , as the Fie Fabric is an open solution with open protocols other compatible Mac Apps can also be used. Listed here are some of the Apps that we have been made aware of that are compatible with the File Fabric service:

Commander One Free WebDav File Manager

Commander One is is a reliable Free Mac OSX WebDAV client with an intuitive dual panel interface and lots of handy features.

You can download the free WebDav file manager from here.

To Setup

Once installed click on the connection manager and choose WebDav and fill in the File Fabric WebDav details for your account (see here for further information).

Once this is done you can click connect and your Account will be loaded into on of the panes in Total Commmander and you can access, move / copy files as needed.

ForkLift File Manager

ForkLift is free alternative File Manager to Finder that is available from the Mac App Store.

As the File Fabric exposes open protocols - FTP, SFTP, WebDav and S3, it is possible to directly connect to the File Fabric using the ForkLift App.

To Setup

We will use WebDav to demonstrate how this can be used to connect directly to the File Fabric.

First launch Forklift and click the 'connect' icon.

Choose WebDav and fill in the File Fabric WebDav server and user authentication details:

Once this done the account is connected and can be used within Forklift.

Other protocols (S3, SFTP, FTP) can also be used in a similar way.


FreeFileSync is a free synchornization App that is able to sync local OSX files to remote FTP/S and SFTP enabled platforms.

As the File Fabric's protocol Gateway supports both of these protocols it can be used as an alternative synchronization application to the File Fabric's desktop Sync App.

It is beyond the scope of these documents to fully outline the features and setup but the App is very intuitive and easy to use and setup.

Note that if parallel threads are required for speed then the donation ware variant of the App must be used.


Transmit is a well known Mac Application and many Mac users may well already be using it.

The File Fabric can easily be access using Transmit, in a variety of ways, either using FTP/S, WebDav or S3 Transmit connection options.

Note that in addition to be basic File and Folder directory access and management, Transmit can also be used to sync a local Mac directory with a source (FTP/s, WebDav, S3) directory.