SME Mobile Web App client

As well as native mobile clients for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone SME also provides a web based mobile client that will also work on these device but also other mobiles and tablets such as BlackBerry PlayBook, Hp TouchPad etc.

Login can be done against the US or EU servers.

The Main Screen enables users to access Cloud Files, Shared Files, Faxes and Groups.

The Cloud Files view, as well as enabling access to folders and files, also enable users to create new folders, certain files, and upload files. Upload is dependent on the device used. iOS enables upload of Photos and Videos whereas other devices may enable uploading of any files.

When uploading files tags can be entered and also an encryption phrase can be added for streamed encryption. The private key   is not stored on the server so you should not forget it otherwise you will not be able to access your file as you will need to enter the password to receive it.

There are two types of files that can be created from the mobile web version of SME:

- Text files
- Site links

Text files can easily be created and edited and some minor formatting added.

Site links can be added also from the mobile web site. Site links are simply links to sites that you may later want to visit or want to add to a team directory

clicking on a file presents the file view. From here the file can be downloaded, commented upon or a shared link created. For certain files, it may also be viewed in Google Viewer.

Shared links can be created that can be time expired ad / or a password set.

Comments can be made against any file. When a comment is made, if this is a shared folder, then other users will receive notifications of the comment.

Files can easily be searched across clouds from the search view.

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