Notice: 11th May 2018

Running a 'yum update' or 'yum upgrade' at this time may cause SME components to break.

Appliance versions: 10.x, 1705.x, 1712.x, 1803.x

Storage Made Easy has recently become aware of an issue affecting customers who are updating their CentOS system packages for example by using the 'yum update' or 'yum upgrade' commands.

A component developed by an external vendor that the File Fabric uses called 'php-ioncube-loader' has a bug that's introduced in it's latest version 10.2.1. The File Fabric has been validated to be compatible with 10.2.0, however this recent update causes incompatibilities with the File Fabric.

The vendor who produces this component has now identified the issue and will be issuing an updated version in due course.

Customers who have 10.2.1 of this component are encouraged to downgrade.

To check the version of 'php-ioncube-loader' you can run the following command.

yum list installed php-ioncube-loader

If it report that you are on 10.2.1, then you should downgrade.

To downgrade, run the following:

yum downgrade php-ioncube-loader-10.2.0