Editing Documents using Microsoft 365 mobile apps

Pre-Requisites: Microsoft 365 application installed on Android or iOS device

  1. Ensure that Office365 is installed on your mobile or tablet and that you have logged in.

  2. If you wish to open an existing file choose the folder icon within the application and from the subsequent screen choose to 'Add a place'. Choose 'Nasuni Access Anywhere' from the list.


  3. From the 'Select your server' screen choose the 'Another endpoint' and enter the endpoint of your Nasuni Access anywhere implementation. This will be the same URL that you may visit on the web.

  4. Proceed to login using your Nasuni Access Anywhere credentials.

  5. You will now be able to access the office file you wish to open.

  6. To create a new document, if you have previously added Nasuni Access Anywhere to your account as described above, when finished with the document you can choose 'File→Save As' and save it to the Nasuni Access Anywhere location.

  7. If you are creating a new document and on completion have not setup the Nasuni Access Anywhere provider as outlined above then, on File-Save As' choosed to 'Add a place', choose 'Nasuni Access Anywhere' and then proceed to authenticate and connect as described from step 2 above.