Permanent API Tokens

In certain circumstances, you may have an application integration with the File Fabric that requires API authentication with your account. There are different ways to facilitate this based on your use case, but one of these methods is through the File Fabric's Permanent API Tokens.

The RClone connection to the File Fabric is an example of a tool requiring the Permanent API Token.

Permament API Tokens allow an application access to the File Fabric account to which the Permanent Token was generated for.

Generating a Permanent Token

To generate a Permanent Token, visit your Dashboard. In the Options > Security section you will see an option called My Authentication Tokens. Click the Manage button beside this as shown.

At the bottom of this screen is a section titled Add Authentication Token.

Enter a Description, for example, “Local RClone Client”

Click Generate Authentication Token

Your token will then be visible at the top of the screen ready to copy and paste into your application of choice.