Deleting Cloud File Server Users

Deleting Users

Depending on the deletion policy set by the Appliance administrator on the 'Site Functionality' page, a Team member may be deleted immediately upon being marked for deletion, or the actual deletion step may be deferred by up to a week.

These notes discuss the effects on a team member's files when the member is actually deleted after having been marked for deletion by the Team admin.

When a Team member is deleted, each of the files will be handled in one of three ways:

A Team member may own files in shared team folders. If so, when the member is deleted the files she owns are retained in the shared team folders but ownership of those files changes from her to the Team admin.

Every organization has a default storage provider. If an enterprise Appliance is being used then that provider may or may not be the appliance's pre-set default storage provider (not all appliances have a pre-set default storage provider, it depends how they were configured).

If the organization's default storage provider is the appliance's default storage provider, then when an a team member is deleted their files, stored on the organization's default storage provider, are copied to an archive folder and ownership changes from the deleted user to the Team admin.

Any other files that a users owns will be deleted. If Admin's wish to keep users personal file data then prior to deletion, as administrator you should assume control of the users account and move the data to a shared Archive folder that you can create.

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