The Enterprise File Fabric IaaS use

This section outlines an additional step that needs to be taken if the Enterprise File Fabric is being used for direct corporate use when supplied either direct on-premises or for use on IaaS infrastructure such as Linode or EC2.

Applicable to:

Corporate Cloud File Server IaaS users
Corporate Cloud File Server on-premises users

Tags: Cloud File Server, IaaS, Linode, Amazon, EC2, On-Site, On-Premise

If the File Fabric has either been supplied for direct use to a company to use on Amazon EC2 or Linode then the first step is to setup the default storage.

This is the first step after login and the user will be presented with the storage screen as above. The admin simply needs to choose the default storage provider that will be used for corporate use and configure it via the subsequent wizard.

Other storage providers for corporate use can be added by the Admin after this has been done from the File Fabric Dashboard.

**Note that the File Fabric is available directly from the following IaaS services:

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