Adding / Managing Users

This section of the Wiki describes how to add and manage users when using the SME Enterprise File Fabric for Teams.

Applicable to:

- SME SaaS Hosted Service

- Enterprise on-premises Appliance

- IaaS Appliance

New users can be added by the Team Administrator after logging into team account as the Administrative user and choosing the 'Users' option from the Organization options on the right sidebar.

By default, when a user a is added, each user is given private storage space on the primary storage provider (ie. the storage provider that is set as default). Only the user can access this space and if the amount of storage space given needs to be controlled this can be done using user quotas.

If the Admin requires access to private user space then a different way of setting up user space can be used by creating shared folders that only the user and the Admin has access to. Please see this entry on the Wiki for more information on this.

Bulk users can be added by choosing to open either a .csv or .xls file that contains users in the form of Name, Login, Email.

The AD integration section of the Wiki deals explicitly with integrating the SME Cloud File Server with Active Directory.

If more than one admin is required for a Cloud File Server account, another user can have his role changed to that of an admin. He will be able to do anything a the main cloud file server admin role can do except to promote other users to also be an administrator.

For user Access Control, please see the User Access Controls section of the Cloud File Server Wiki.

Next Section: Setting user shared space for an external Cloud

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