Initial Login and Setup

After registration, on first login the FileServer Admin will be taken to the home screen. The Cloud File Server Admin users have an extra set of sidebar features titled “Organization” that enables the management of the Cloud FIle Server.

If you find that the Cloud File Server Name is not correct or not what you require then you can change it from “My DashBoard” on the sidebar. The Cloud File Server admin name is normally the name of a company.Note that the login for invited users becomes <username>@<Admin login name>.

You should make any Cloud File Server name changes. before inviting any users to the Cloud File Server.

The Cloud File Server, by default, comes with Storage that is provided by Storage Made Easy that is ultimately hosted on Amazon S3 for reliability and security. This storage does not need to be used at all or it can be combined with other storage providers you wish to add.

For example if you already had an Amazon S3 Account and wanted to use this for your Company Storage, the Cloud File Server Admin can add this from the “Providers” section of the “Dashboard.” Again from the Dashboard you could set the nominated storage provider to be the default (meaning it would be used as the default storage for any smart folders or any user storage.).

You can add as many Cloud Storage Providers or SaaS services that your company requires from the 60+ services that are supported.

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