SME Outlook Add-In

This section of the Wiki provides details of   the Storage Made Easy Outlook Add-In, and in-particular the capabilities that it provides:

1. Creating Audited files sharing links for almost any Cloud
2. Backing up Mail and / or Outlook contacts.

The Outlook Add In supports Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.

Works With:

SME Personal Cloud
SME Cloud File Server
SME On-Premise Cloud Appliance

** Auditing features are only available for Cloud File Server or On-Premise Users

1 Outlook large file sharing

When installing the SME Windows Cloud Tools there are some extra toolbar icons installed in the new message pane. These are:

- Share from Clouds: Enables users to select an existing cloud file and create a secure link that is shared in the email. This support sany cloud the user has access to.

- Upload file and share: This enables users to upload a file from their desktop to a chosen Cloud. After the upload a secure file link is generated and embedded in the Outlook email.

A white paper on the Outlook Add-In can be downloaded here.

This video provides a demonstration of the Outlook file sharing add-in in action

When sharing links users can choose to set an expiration time on the link and / or a password which will be required before opening the link (the recipient of the link is take to a password page). It is up to the user generating the link to decide how to share the password with the recipient

Shared file links can be forwarded to people than the intended recipient and these options are designed to protect file links shared.

For Cloud File Server and on-Premise Appliance users who have auditing turned on when link shares are generate and accessed, a full audit log is created.

3 Email Backup / Archiving

The Outlook add-in also install an extra Outlook Menu option that enables IMAP and POP email backup to a chosen Cloud.   Simply click the Mail Backup icon and complete the wizard to start the backup.

When navigating the backup wizard users can choose to back up only certain categories or email labels.

4 Email Backup access

Files are stored on the chosen cloud under the folder 'Email Backups' in Year, date and month order and are available as test and html files.