AutoCAD Viewer

Access Anywhere supports the previewing of AutoCAD® and other similar 2D and 3D modelling formats through Access Anywhere's Web File Manager.

The viewer supports the following file types:

  • DWG
  • DXF
  • PLT
  • SPL
  • STP
  • IGS
  • SAT
  • CGM

Enabling & Disabling

Once you have met the above requirements, the AutoCAD® Viewer can be enabled from Organization Policies > User Interface > Enable AutoCad Viewer.

Security & Limitations Notes

  • The viewer is a public hosted service that is hosted and managed by Nasuni. Files that are sent to the viewer will be sent to the public hosted service.
  • Customers must allow external access from Nasuni's IP ranges to facilitate the viewing of files.
  • Customers wishing to run this privately within their data-centre must contact Support.
  • The public hosted version limits maximum preview size to 50MB. Customers running this on-premises can increase this limit.
  • A server unavailable error may be returned for models that can't be rendered within 30 seconds.