Public Cloud Files

This section outlines how you can use a unique URL to set your Cloud Files to be Public. This means anyone on the internet can download them. Please note our strict Terms of use as appertains copyrighted files. Also note that we regularly scan public file url's to ensure they are in compliance with out Terms of use.

This feature is applicable to:

- Free users
- Personal Lifetime or Persona Business users
- Cloud File Server Users

Files you own from any of your mapped Cloud Providers can be set public by selecting the file and choosing 'Make Public'. You can't make files from shared team folders public.

Files can be made public from any of the desktop or mobile client tools.

Files can be simply added to the public files node on the web to make them public. This can be done with multiple files rather than one at a time/

A public file will have the small globe icon next to it in the web file manager to enable easy identification of public files

Each user has a public files page that can be accessed from a standard URL:

This page is publicly accessible on the Internet through search engines so any flew here will also be available.

Files from different Clouds that are mapped to the SME service can be made public here ie. files from S3, Google Drive, Office 365 , Sharepoint etc.

Even though files are made public it is possible to password protect all such files. To do this visit the 'extended options' sections of the Cloud DashBoard page from the web. Here you can enter a password.  

When someone tries to access a password protected public file they will be taken to a page in which the password has to be entered.

Cloud File Server (team) accounts can be controlled to prevent users making files public. The Cloud Admin simply needs to visit the Options page on the right sidebar after login to the web and set the governance options for 'making files public' to off. This will prevent users from being able to make files public across the web and all other apps.

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