The Storage Made Easy Amazon S3 / S3 compatible differentiator

Storage Made Easy provides a full application stack for S3 compatible storage use that is provided as a server-side Appliance that can be installed on EC2, on-premises or on another IaaS infrastructure.

The File Fabric connects to Amazon S3 or an S3 compatible Cloud using an S3 Connector.

The File Fabric abstracts file access for on-premises and on-cloud users avoiding the need to manage IAM accounts / access keys whilst providing the ability to control ACL permissions from a central control plane that is linked to a companies central identify system.

Desktop and mobile App clients connect to the File Fabric to interact with S3 data that is accessible to the File Fabric from the S3 connector.

The full Enterprise File Fabric Stack provides:

  • Fully featured rich web File Manager (ie. not just a bucket explorer)
  • CIFS Desktop Drives for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Drop Box like sync App for Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Mail integration add-in / plug-in for Outlook and Mac Mail
  • Android, iOS Mobile Apps
  • Protocol Adaptors to enable S3 access from FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV
  • File Governance, Audit and Policy setting features to aid compliance with regimes such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA
  • Secure File Sharing using encryption, password, and time expiry
  • File transfer into and out of Amazon S3 using the non-proprietary M-Stream file transfer acceleration.
  • Plus more

The Enterprise File Fabric stack is compatible with Amazon S3 and all major S3 compatible storage distributions such as:

SME enables companies, partners and ISV's to solve tactical problems that companies trialing Amazon S3 / S3 compatible encounter when considering deploying S3 that “get in the way” to actually using it, such as:

Complicated single-sign-on Direct desktop integration requirements Legacy apps / appliances needing FTP (or other protocol access) etc.

Without immediately solving these type of tactical issues (and there of course many more) the proposed project and use of S3 can become stalled. By offering confidence in solving these immediately then the deployment and use of S3 can simply move on.

These tactical issues are not use cases, they are Enterprise “must have’s” for company wide S3 use.

Solving the tactical issues is an enabler for the main strategic initiative of getting S3 / S3 compatible storage used within a company on a formal trial basis and, for SME it enables us to demonstrate the power of the product and strategic benefits of using the SME product with Amazon S3 (Audit, Governance, tying together different data sources) etc.

The majority of our competitors have products that are not broad enough to solve such tactical issues and also do not have a professional services capability to close any other gap. This is a huge differentiator when working with Storage Made Easy compared to the alternative.

There are of course sometimes tactical areas where even the File Fabric product is not broad enough to solve such tactical issues and that is where the SME professional services capability comes in to deal with this. We have worked on many Amazon S3 projects, from migration to n-tier deployments into AWS infrastructure, and additionally we always ensure that anything developed becomes part of our standard product build.